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Introducing tlyfe

The smart tenant app that simplifies the selection process by delivering rent ready tenants


fully verified references

government backed right to rent checks

verified digital ID

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tlyfe tenants save you time and money


Right to Rent


Tenants ensure they are ‘Rent Ready’ with our pre-qualification tool, saving you valuable time and resource

All prospective tenants undergo government-backed right to rent checks and ID verification. We comply with all necessary regulations to ensure that your properties are rented out legally and securely

tlyfe handles the entire reference process, providing you with trustworthy and fully vetted tenant information

Credit Builder

Deposit Protection with TDS

Information Hub

With the credit builder feature, tenants are motivated to pay their rent in full and on time in order to improve their credit score  

tlyfe partners with Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) to enable tenants to access their deposit protection certificate and manage their deposit return at the end of their tenancy

tlyfe supports tenants by keeping them informed of their responsibilities and obligations throughout their tenancy. Let our Info Hub answer your tenants’ questions for you


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